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Wine DNA Testing


Wine DNA testing is perfect for finding out what spoilage yeast & bacteria that you may have in your barrels, juice or finished wine product.

Because we're the developers of many industry DNA tests, from us, you get more than a yes/no result from a kit.  Our testing will:

  • Give you more than a simple Yes/No result.
  • Give you a quantitative result, from 10 to 10 million cells per ml, for yeasts and bacteria.
  • Detect organisms down to very low levels.
  • Is Viable but Non-Culturable so we can detect cells, damaged by sulphur, that won't grow on culture plates but can grow and cause issues in the future.
  • Be reported quickly

Our wine testing submission form lists the variety of tests (plus wine variety & sequencing identification) that we offer so please feel free to download our form or contact us for further information and pricing on 0800 362 8873 (0800 DNATURE) or email [email protected]