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Wine DNA Testing

Wine DNA Testing

You don't want to be waiting for weeks to find out if you have spoilage organisms in your wine. This is why DNA testing for the specific spoilage species you're interested in is the most accurate way to test your wine.

The DNA testing we do:

  • Gives you a quantitative result from 10 to 10 million cells per ml
  • Detects organisms down to very low levels.  A simple Yes/No result provides little benefit for organisms such as Brett as often the levels don't change and often it adds complexity to some wines.
  • Is fast.  Results with you within 24-48 hours of samples being received.
  • Is Viable but Non-Culturable.  This means that we can detect cells damaged by sulphur that won't grow on culture plates but can grow and cause issues in the future.  Brettanomyces, Zygosaccharomyces and Acetobacter species are perfect examples of this.
  • Gives the specific results for the specific yeast and bacteria in the panel so no more "round yellow yeast observed" results.

Tests Available

  • Brett/Single Species
  • 3 Yeast Panel - Brettanomyces, Hanseniaspora / Kloeckera and Zygosaccharomyces bailii ("Zygo")
  • BactoPanel - Acetobacter species, Lactobacillus species (3), Pediococcus damnosus & P. parvulus
  • Full Panel - all of the above
  • Bacteria/Yeast/Fungi ID - rapid identification of agar plate colonies & material via DNA sequencing
  • Natural Ferment Species - a panel of tests for non-saccharomyces yeasts found on grapes and associated with indigenous/native ferments
  • Sequencing identification
  • Other tests available include O. oeni (malolactic), S. cerevisiae and S. bayanus
  • Varietal identification of wine

Download our wine submission form for further information and for pricing details and testing queries, please contact us on 0800 362 8873 (0800 DNATURE) or email info@dnature.co.nz