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Truffles and Other Edible Fungi

Truffles & Edible Fungi

When you want to be sure you have the desired fungal species on your tree roots, DNA testing provides certainty for your investment.  While we can't guarantee your trees will produce, a positive DNA result will unequivocally determine that the species is present.

We test trees, seedling roots and the fruit for the following species:

  • Perigord Black Truffle (Tuber melanosporum)
  • Winter truffle (Tuber brumale)
  • Chinese truffle (Tuber indicum)
  • AD mycorrhizae (Rubini et al., 2011)
  • Tuber borchii (bianchetto or white-ish truffle)
  • Tuber maculatum
  • Mushroom species such as Saffron Milk Cap & porcini
  • And develop DNA assays for species of interests

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Please read here on how to sample tree roots

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