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Viruses & Pathogens


The health of bees is vitally important to not only the apiculture but also the horticulture industries in New Zealand.

dnature was the first laboratory to discover lotmaria passim in New Zealand as well as developing the first American Foulbrood test in New Zealand, for New Zealand.

Lotmaria passim, in conjunction with Nosema ceranae, is a contributing factor for overwintering loss while the highly damaging Nosema ceranae can cause:

  • Brood loss
  • Reduced hive numbers
  • Lower honey production

High levels of both these organisms, in a dual infection, have been shown to drastically shorten bee lifespan.

Along with these viruses & pathogens, there are other viral infections that can reduce bee lifespan and so, we offer the following rapid DNA tests:

  • Nosema duo – Noseme ceranae, Nosema apis & Lotmaria passim
  • ApiVirus – Deformed Wing Virus, Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus, Kashmir Bee Virus, Israeli-associated Paralysis Virus, Black Queen Cell Virus
  • Full Panel – Nosema duo & ApiVirus
  • American Foulbrood (AFB) – test your honey, brood, bees or hiveware

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