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Viruses & Pathogens


The health of bees is vitally important to our apiculture industry and it is in this area that we do a lot of research.  dnature was the first laboratory to discover the existence of lotmaria passim in New Zealand and we developed the first American Foulbrood test in New Zealand, for New Zealand.

Viruses, such as Deformed Wing Virus, as well as pathogens, such as Nosema ceranae, can be particularly damaging causing reduced colony numbers.



  • Nosema duo - Nosema ceranae, Nosema apis & Lotmaria passim
  • ApiVirus™ - Deformed Wing Virus, Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus, Kashmir Bee Virus, Israeli-associated Paralysis Virus, Black Queen Cell Virus
  • Full panel - Nosema duo & ApiVirus™
  • American Foulbrood (AFB) - test your honey, brood, bees or hiveware

Viruses and Nosema can be tested together on the same sample or individually.  To find out how to take samples for testing, download our Bee-Submission-form

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