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Varroa Resistance


Varroa mites (v.destructor & v. Jacobsen) are tiny red-brown external parasites of honey bees. Varroa mainly feed and breed on bee larvae and pupae in developing brood, causing malformation and weakening of bees, as well as transmitting viruses.

Low levels of infestation show few symptoms and only becomes obvious when the population of mites increase. This can take 3-4 years and cause scattered brood, crippled and crawling bees, impaired flight etc.

Varroa is commonly treated with Tau-fluvainat (Apistan®) or flumethin (Bayvorol®) but varroa are now becoming resistant to these treatments.

Our Varroa Scan DNA test (submission form) detects if any one of the known three genetic resistance markers are present in the varroa mites in your hives. This information will then allow you to determine the best way to treat your hives.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this test.