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American Foulbrood (AFB)


American Foulbrood is the most serious bee disease in New Zealand.

dnature has developed the only test worldwide that simultaneously tests two independent targets in the AFB bacteria: Paenibacillus lavae. This ensures better sensitivity (the chance of detecting the bacteria) and specificity (that a positive is definitely a positive).

We can test for AFB in bees, brood and honey.  If you suspect you have AFB and require testing, please contact us before sending your samples with our bee submission form.

This test is also available in a kit format for laboratories to use.

AFB Foster Method

Visually identifying possible AFB infection is time-consuming (but necessary activity) for beekeepers.

For further peace of mind on AFB levels (or when brood isn’t present eg winter or dead outs), dnature has developed the AFB Foster Method. This method comes as a result of several years of intensive testing of its’ efficacy, and to make sure that the sampling method is easy for beekeepers. The AFB Foster Method means that beekeepers can easily sample their hives using a sampling kit that dnature has developed.

To test your hives for AFB, a sampling pack for four tests can be ordered from us. Beekeepers will be given comprehensive sampling instructions with their sample pack.

Any technical questions can be directed to [email protected]

Note: this does not replace visual inspection of a hive