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Beer Spoilage Testing

Beer & Beverages

DNA testing is a useful tool to use in the fast-growing craft beer market as, like the wine industry, spoilage organisms can cause issues in your beer.  We cannot only test beer but also the vessels that beer is packaged in.

DNA testing in beer is:

  • Fast - you can concentrate on making great beer
  • Quantifiable - you can tell how little or lot of spoilage organisms are in your beer and whether you have an issue
  • Flexible - because we don't use a kit, you can choose or customise what you need to have tested.
    • Lactobacilli
    • Pedioccocus
    • Brettanomyces - additional species are also now available
    • Zygosaccharomyces
    • Diastatic Yeast panel
    • Other yeast spoilage organisms that are of interest to you
  • Able to test using only 10mls of beer.

Download our beer testing submission form for further information, pricing details and testing queries, please contact us on 0800 362 8873 (0800 DNATURE) or email lab@dnature.co.nz