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Quantabio qScript™ XLT cDNA SuperMix, 100 x 20 µl reactions

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qScript™ XLT cDNA SuperMix is a next-generation tool for first-strand cDNA synthesis, providing a highly sensitive and easy-to-use solution for two-step RT-PCR and RT-qPCR. qScript™ XLT is an engineered M-MLV reverse transcriptase with reduced RNase H activity and improved activity and stability at higher temperatures. Combined with a precise mixture of reaction components, this SuperMix enables superior results over a wide dynamic range of input RNA, with up to 8-fold higher sensitivity than cDNA synthesis kits utilizing an RNase H(+) reverse transcriptase (RT).

Features & Benefits

  • All of the convenience of a single-tube Supermix
  • Up to 8-fold greater detection sensitivity
  • Stable through 20 freeze/thaw cycles Accurate representation of low-abundance genes
  • Superior results across a wide dynamic range of input RNA (108 fold)


Single-tube, 5X concentrated reagent containing:

  • Reaction buffer with optimized concentrations of molecular-grade MgCl2, dATP, dCTP, dGTP, dTTP
  • Recombinant ribonuclease inhibitor protein (RIP)
  • qScript™ XLT reverse transcriptase
  • Titrated concentrations of random hexamer and oligo(dT) primer
  • Proprietary enzyme stabilizers and performance-enhancing additives

Shipping & Storage

Store components in a constant temperature freezer at -25°C to -15°C upon receipt.

After thawing, mix thoroughly (vortex!) before using briefly spin-down to collect contents before opening tube. 5X concentrated reagent is viscous. When drawing out material, touch pipette tip to liquid interface but do not immerse.


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  • “Our results were glaringly obvious and we’re planning our switch to the XLT cDNA supermix”, M.G., NZ biotech company

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