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5x HOT FIREPol® Probe Universal qPCR Mix, 250 reactions

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5x HOT FIREPol® Probe Universal qPCR Mix is optimized for real-time quantitative PCR assays and contains all the components necessary to perform qPCR, with the exception of template, primers, and probe. The qPCR Mix contains optimized components and HOT FIREPol® DNA Polymerase supplied in a proprietary reaction buffer that enables efficient amplification of AT-rich, regular and GC-rich (up to 75%) targets. HOT FIREPol® Probe Universal qPCR Mix is optimized for DNA/LNA hydrolysis probes based on the 5′ flap endonuclease activity.

HOT FIREPol® DNA Polymerase is activated by a 10 min incubation step at 95°C. This prevents extension of non-specifically annealed primers and primer-dimers formed at low temperatures during qPCR setup.

Features & Benefits

  • increased sensitivity and specificity for wide range of templates, including AT-rich, regular and GC-rich cDNA and gDNA
  • suitable for singleplex and duplex assays
  • reaction set-up at room temperature -master mix is stable at ambient temperature for one month
  • mix contains dUTP – it may be used with UNG to prevent carryover contamination from previous qPCR runs (UNG treatment)
  • use with any hydrolysis probe (LNA or DNA)
  • wide instrument compatibility: the mix is compatible with any real-time instrument other then capillary


  • DNA/LNA hydrolysis probe-based assays
  • detection and quantification of DNA and cDNA targets
  • profiling gene expression
  • microbial detection
  • viral load determination

Mix Components

  • HOT FIREPol® DNA Polymerase
  • 5x Probe Universal qPCR buffer
  • 15 mM MgCl2 1x PCR solution – 3 mM
  • dNTPs blend containing dUTP/dTTP
  • Internal reference based on ROX dye

Shipping & Storage

Routine storage: -20°C

Temporary storage for up to 1 month at room temperature has no detrimental effects on the quality of the product.


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