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Quanta qScript™ microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit, 25 reactions

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The qScript microRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit is an optimized reagent system that reverse transcribes small single-stranded RNA into 5′-labeled cDNA using either total RNA or miRNA enriched samples.

Single-stranded RNA is first polyadenylated by poly(A) polymerase before reverse transcription into universal cDNA using high performance qScript RT with a proprietary adapter oligo(dT) primer.  The universal cDNA template enables simple and cost-effective microRNA profiling when used together with wet-lab validated PerfeCTa microRNA Assays, PerfeCTa Universal PCR Primer and PerfeCTa SYBR Green SuperMix.

This complete kit includes positive (human) control primer, SNORD44, that can be used to quantitate ubiquitously expressed small nucleolar RNA. In addition, the kit contains 20% extra poly(A) polymerase reaction buffer and microRNA cDNA Reaction Mix to perform (-) poly(A) polymerase and (-) reverse transciptase control reactions.

Features & Benefits

  • Sensitive reverse transcription of small, single-stranded RNA
  • Labeled universal cDNA supports seamless qPCR analysis with PerfeCTa miR Assays or user-defined assay primer (e.g. piRNA, lncRNA) together with PerfeCTa Universal PCR Primer
  • Optimized for use with PerfeCTa SYBR Green SuperMix


  • Poly(A) Tailing Buffer (5X)
  • Poly(A) Polymerase
  • MicroRNA cDNA Reaction Mix
  • qScript Reverse Transcriptase
  • PerfeCTa Universal PCR Primer
  • PerfeCTa Human Positive Control Primer
  • Nuclease-Free Water

Storage & Shipping

The kit components are stable for up to one year when stored at or below -20°C.

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