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SolisFAST® Master Mix, Ready To Load, 250 x 20uL reactions

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24-02-00001 – SolisFAST® Master Mix, Ready To Load, 250 x 20uL reactions...


  • PCR results in 20 minutes
  • Analyse one or multiple targets per reaction
  • Load directly on gel after PCR

SolisFAST® Master Mix is a 5x-concentrated, ready-to-use solution for fast singleplex and multiplex endpoint PCR assays. The mix allows amplification of up to 5 kb fragments from low complexity DNA templates (e.g. lambda, plasmid DNA), and up to 3 kb from complex DNA templates (e.g. human genomic DNA).

Combining our novel in-silico designed SolisFAST® DNA Polymerase and optimized buffer, this mix offers robust PCR, accurate target detection, ice-free shipping and reaction set-up.

The mix can be loaded directly to gel for post PCR analysis.

Room temperature stable for 1 month

Technical Notes

Concentration: 5x

Hot-start: yes,  2 minutes initial incubation at 98 °C

Ready-to-load: yes, includes two loading dyes

Cloning Type: T/A cloning

Amplicon Size: up to 5 kb

Targets: 1-18 targets, depending on target length

Safety Data Sheet

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