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SolisFAST® Master Mix, Ready To Load, (1 mL) 250 x 20 µL reactions

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24-02-00001 – SolisFAST® Master Mix, Ready To Load, 250 x 20uL reactions...


SolisFAST® Master Mix is a 5x-concentrated, ready-to-use solution for fast singleplex and multiplex endpoint PCR assays. The mix allows amplification of up to 5 kb fragments from low complexity DNA templates (e.g. lambda, plasmid DNA), and up to 3 kb from complex DNA templates (e.g. human genomic DNA).

Combining our novel in-silico designed SolisFAST® DNA Polymerase and optimized buffer, this mix offers robust PCR, accurate target detection, ice-free shipping and reaction set-up.

The mix can be loaded directly to gel for post PCR analysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast – less time from sample to results
  • Accurate – reliable results in single- and multiplex assays
  • Stable – 30-day stability at room temperature
  • Trustworthy – avoid carry-over contamination with UNG mixes and get reliable results in Sanger sequencing applications
  • PCR results in 20 minutes
  • reliable results in single and multiplex reactions
  • stable for 30 days at room temperature
  • robust performance
  • suitable Sanger sequencing applications

Mix Components

  • SolisFAST® DNA Polymerase
  • PCR buffer, 17.5 mM MgCl
  • 1x PCR solution 3.5 mM MgCl2
  • Green loading dye: Mix of blue and yellow dye to allow tracking of DNA during electrophoresis. The mix is not recommended for use in applications where spectrophotometric measurements are necessary (e.g. Sanger sequencing).

Shipping & Storage

Routine storage: -20°C

Shipping and temporary storage for up to 1 month at room temperature or storage for up to 6 months at +4°C  has no detrimental effects on the quality of SolisFAST® Master Mix.


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