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LavaLAMP™ RNA Master Mix with Dye, 200R

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30087-1 – LavaLAMP™ RNA Master Mix with Dye, 200R


Sensitive RNA detection with this easy-to-use RNA LAMP (RT-LAMP) Master Mix

The LavaLAMP™ RNA Master Mix is built around a proprietary DNA polymerase with strand displacement activity that works on both RNA and DNA templates. These enzyme features make it possible to perform RNA LAMP (loop-mediate isothermal amplification starting with RNA targets/templates) in which the RNA target is first converted into cDNA and then that cDNA acts as a template for additional LAMP, all using a single DNA polymerase.   Read more

Features & Benefits

  • Has isothermal amplification to help facilitate running amplification reactions with simplified instrumentation
  • The master mix streamlines reaction setup while reducing potential handling errors
  • Focuses optimisation on the two critical reaction parameters – primer design and reaction temperature
  • Is lyophilisation-ready which means avoiding the redesign of assays to remove components known to inhibit lyophilisation.


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