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Expresso® Rhamnose Cloning & Protein Expression System, 10R

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49013-2 – Expresso® Rhamnose Cloning & Protein Expression System,...


Clone a PCR amplified gene in the afternoon and express the recombinant protein the next day

  • Five-second, directional, enzyme-free PCR cloning! 90% recombinants
  • Single competent cell host strain for both cloning and expression.
  • Tighter expression control with tunable Rhamnose (rhaPBAD) promoter.
  • High throughput format friendly with autoinduction reagents.

The Expresso Rhamnose Cloning and Protein Expression Systems are designed for fast, easy, and efficient directional cloning and expression of PCR-amplified genes using Expressioneering Technology. Expressioneering Technology uses in vivo homologous recombination to seamlessly clone PCR amplified DNA into specially designed expression vectors without the need for enzymes or purification steps. A single host strain is used for both stable cloning and controlled protein expression, making Expresso Rhamnose the fastest cloning and expression systems available. The systems come complete with pre-processed expression plasmids and competent cells, supplied in single transformation vials.  Read more



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