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Quanta AccuMelt™ HRM SuperMix, 1250 reactions

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AccuMelt HRM SuperMix is a 2x concentrated, ready to use reaction cocktail for detection of genetic variations using high resolution melting (HRM) analysis. It includes all required components except for primers and DNA template. HRM is a closed tube, rapid and cost effective procedure for characterization of sequences differences immediately following PCR amplification. It is based on the melting (dissociation) behavior of a PCR product as it transitions from double stranded to single stranded DNA in the presence of a fluorescent dsDNA binding dye.

Features & Benefits

  • See subtle differences in sequence clearly – robust amplification ensures sufficient yield of products to generate discrete melt curves
  • Accurate genotype calling – comparable or better performance than TaqMan® Genotyping
  • Work with rare or precious samples – large range of template inputs possible
  • Specificity – works with lower Mg2+ concentration than other systems thus enhancing assay accuracy


  • 2 x reaction buffer containing optimized concentrations of MgCl2
  • dNTPs (including dUTP)
  • AccuStart Taq DNA Polymerase
  • SYTO® 9 green-fluorescent dye
  • stabilizers
  • Free Mg2+ = 0.8mM at 1x final concentration.

Storage & Shipping

AccuMelt HRM SuperMix is stable for up to 1 year when stored in a constant temperature freezer at 20°C, protected from light. For convenience, it may be stored unfrozen at +2 to +8°C for up to 6 months. After thawing, mix thoroughly by gently vortexing tube contents. Centrifuge briefly to collect contents before using. While repeated freezing and thawing of the product is not recommended, AccuMelt HRM SuperMix demonstrated no loss of performance after 20 cycles of freezing and thawing.

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