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Presto™ Mini Plasmid Kit 4 Preps

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This Plasmid Kit was designed for plasmid and cosmid DNA purification from 1-7 ml of cultured bacterial cells. For processing larger volumes, the Presto™ Midi Plasmid Kit is also available. Both plasmid kits include TrueBlue Lysis Buffer (an optional color indicator) to prevent common handling errors while ensuring efficient cell lysis, neutralization and maximum plasmid product yield.

The Presto™ Mini Plasmid Kit uses a modified alkaline lysis method and RNase treatment to obtain clear cell lysate with minimal genomic DNA/RNA contaminants. In the presence of chaotropic salt, plasmid DNA in the lysate binds to the glass fibre matrix of the plasmid spin column. Contaminants are removed with a Wash Buffer (containing ethanol) and the purified plasmid DNA is eluted by a low salt Elution Buffer, TE or water. Typical yields are 20-35 μg for high-copy number plasmid or 3-10 μg for low-copy number plasmid from 4 ml of cultured bacterial cells. DNA phenol extraction or alcohol precipitation are not required and the entire procedure can be completed within 15 minutes.rueBlue Lysis Buffer Optional Color Indicator

Features & Benefits

  • Fast: Purify plasmid DNA within 15 minutes!
  • Convenient: TrueBlue Lysis Buffer is an optional color indicator included with the kit to reduce common handling errors, while ensuring efficient cell lysis, neutralization and maximum plasmid product yield so you can feel confident with each and every plasmid prep
  • Flexible: for plasmid sizes: 1-15 kb
  • High Yield: up to 50 µg of pure plasmid DNA
  • Sample Volume: 1-7 ml of cultured bacterial cells
  • Spin Column: glass fibre spin column membrane optimized for plasmid DNA purification



Shipping & Storage

Dry store at room temperature (15-25°C) for up to two years

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