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Magnetic Beads DNA Extraction Kit (Plant) 48 Preps

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The Magnetic Beads Genomic DNA Extraction Kit Plant was designed specifically for efficient genomic DNA purification from a variety of plant species. DNA is bound to the surface of the magnetic beads and released using a proprietary buffer system. The Magnetic Beads Genomic DNA Extraction Kit Plant can be easily adapted to automated magnetic bead separation instruments and workstations. The purified DNA can be used in qPCR and other downstream applications.

Features & Benefits

  • High Yield: 1-20 µg of Genomic DNA
  • High Quality DNA: A260/A280 = 1.8-1.9
  • Magnetic Bead Concentration: 50 mg/ml
  • Magnetic Bead Size: ~ 5 µm
  • Easily adapted to automated magnetic bead separation instruments and workstations
  • Sample: 10-50 mg of fresh or frozen plant tissue
  • Manual or automated DNA isolation
  • Operation time: within 30 minutes (manual)


Automated Fluorescent DNA Sequencing, Southern Blotting, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)


  • MP1 Buffer
  • MP2 Buffer
  • RNase A
  • MW1 Buffer
  • MW2 Buffer
  • MP Magnetic Beads
  • Elution Buffer

Storage & Handling

Dry at room temperature (15-25ºC)

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