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Presto™ Soil DNA Extraction Kit 50 Preps

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The Presto™ Soil DNA Extraction Kit was designed for rapid isolation of genomic DNA from microorganisms such as bacteria, archaea, fungi, and algae in soil samples.

Features & Benefits

  • Purify genomic DNA from soil within 40 minutes!
  • Sample: 250-500 mg of soil
  • High Yield: up to 5 µg
  • High Quality DNA: A260/A280 = 1.7-2.0
  • Spin Columns: glass fiber membrane optimized for genomic DNA extraction
  • Elution Volume: 30-100 µl
  • Storage: dry at room temperature (15-25°C)


PCR, AFLP/PADP, RFLP, Southern Blotting, Real-time PCR


  • SL1 Buffer
  • SL2 Buffer
  • SL3 Buffer
  • Wash Buffer
  • Elution Buffer (10 mM Tris-HCl, pH8.5 at 25ºC)
  • Inhibitor Removal Columns
  • GD Columns
  • Beadbeating Tubes Type C
  • 2 ml Centrifuge Tubes
  • 2 ml Collection Tubes


Quick Protocol

Full Protocol

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