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vPCR reaction tubes, 2 x 100 tubes

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4900019000 – vPCR reaction tubes, 2 x 100 tubes

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The optimal performance of photochemistry reactions is highly related with the amount of light received by the sample. In this product the optical properties of plastics and the tube alignment trough the PhAST platform have been considered in order to obtain the best- adapted solution.

GenIUL reaction tubes show the best light transmittance at 460 nm (wavelength used for Propidium monoazide or Ethidium monoazide photo-activation). Compared with other suppliers these reaction tubes can obtain up to twofold better transmittance results.

reaction tubes picture

Graph 1. Light transmittance at 460 nm (%). Bars shows the best GenIUL reaction performance compared with other manufacturers.

Features & Benefits

  • High transparent 1,7 mL snap cap micro- centrifuge tubes.
  • Provides optimal performance for PhAST Blue platforms.
  • Packaged in a Polypropylene zip bag containing 100 tubes. Easy to handle on the bench top.
  • Can be sterilized in the same bag by autoclave or microwave oven (3 min-750 W)




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