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Viaflo Assist

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Get the most of your multichannel pipette with the ability to automate plate filling, serial dilutions and reagent additions




Features & Benefits

  • Flexible plate format (landscape and portrait)
  • 96 or 384 well plates
  • liquid flexibility – PCR strip tubes as well as reagent reservoirs can be used
  • automates 8, 12 and 16 channel pipettes

Automate your multichannel pipettes

Multichannel pipettes are invaluable when working with multi-well plates. However, prolonged and repetitive pipetting sessions can result in RSI & fatigue and less reproducible results.

The Viaflo Assist with Viaflo electronic pipettes, used together, prevent users from strain and also significantly increases the reproducibility of prolonged pipetting protocols such as serial dilutions, plate filling and reagent addition.

By mounting a VIAFLO II electronic pipette on the VIAFLO ASSIST, watch how the pipette’s protocols can be fully automated.

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