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Kiwifruit Psa Test Kits, 100 tests

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dnature was approached by MPI, when Psa was discovered in New Zealand, to develop a rapid DNA diagnostic test for industry use.  While we do not currently test for Psa in our laboratory, we do offer the test to private and government laboratories, as well as the streptomycin and New Zealand origin test.

Please note that what industry used to call psaV is now know as psa3.  This change is to bring New Zealand in line with European definitions.


Kits available

PSA-IC610-100 – Psa-3 real-time PCR test, 100 reactions

This test detects only the highly virulent strain of Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae (Psa) known as Psa-V.  This strain is particularly virulent in Italy, France and Chile.  This test:

  • uses the gold standard real-time PCR probe for maximum sensitivity & specificity
  • utilises the latest whole genomic sequence data to target unique Psa-V sequence
  • was the first to incorporate a plant internal control in the same reaction
  • ensures robust amplification from plant DNA samples
  • increases throughput & reduced testing costs
  • is compatible with most real-time PCR instruments
  • is the NZ industry test


PSA-ORI1-100 – Psa-3 Origin, 100 reactions

A rapid test to differentiate Psa3 from international strains of Psa3

PSA-STR-100, 100 reactions

A multiplex qPCR method for rapidly detecting both Streptomycin resistance mechanisms: mututation in rpsL gene and acquisition of the strA/B gene cluster.

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