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5PRIME HotMaster Taq DNA Polymerase, 1000 units

Hot Start is a well established and convenient method to improve specificity of PCR. However, conventional technologies like antibody mediated inhibition or chemical blocking of DNA polymerases carry a few limitations: long initial activation steps may be required, the performance of the DNA polymerase can be reduced or specificity control may be compromised.

The 5 PRIME HotMaster Taq DNA Polymerase uses an innovative technology to achieve Hot Start PCR. A thermostable inhibitor of the Taq DNA Polymerase is released at high temperatures, thereby immediately activating the enzyme. The HotMaster technology not only provides Hot Start control at reaction setup, but also Cold Stop during the annealing step of each and every cycle of PCR. The result is a unique Hot Start/Cold Stop technology.

Features & Benefits

  • Does not require heat activation
  • Gives continuous annealing temperature control throughout the PCR
  • Extends target size range for PCR amplification (up to 5 kb)
  • Contains pre-optimized universal magnesium concentration in the buffer
  • Ensures no protein contamination of the PCR by denatured antibodies


HotMaster Taq DNA Polymerase ( 5U/uL) plus 10x HotMaster Taq Buffer

Storage & Handling

This kit is  shipped on dry ice and should be stored immediately –25°C to -15°C upon receipt of item.

Also available in a 5,000 unit pack.