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Real-time PCR reagents

In June 2001 a small team of pioneering individuals launched Quanta Biosciences with the vision of building a focused company known and respected for providing superior tools for quantitative PCR.  The founders of Quanta have created a legacy of innovation in developing amplification enzymes.  Examples of this innovation include the first true Supermix with all reagents in a tube for cDNA synthesis.

In our lab, Quanta reagents are used for our real-time testing.  We do this  because they work on any samples that we have, has high reproducibility and it’s blue so we can see where we’ve pipetted.  The reagents come in a variety of pack sizes and samples are available.

Our key supplier of PCR products, Solis BioDyne also supply real-time reagents and like their PCR products, are room temperature stable and perform really well so are perfect for lab and field based applications.