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High Resolution Melting

In the fields of PCR and real-time qPCR, we specialise in high resolution melting analysis (HRMA) – the use of next generation fluorescent dyes and accurate melting curve resolution to resolve sequence variation down to the the level of SNP genotyping.

We have two types of mastermixes for this work; Accumelt & EvaGreen HRMA.

AccuMelt, from Quanta BioSciences is designed for use on all instruments. AccuMelt uses SYTO9 dye and can also be used as a alternative to SYBR Green master mixes.

EvaGreen HRMA mixes are from Solis BioDyne and are based on the use of EvaGreen® dye (Botium), in combination with HOT FIREPol polymerase, for highly-reproducible hot-start

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