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Here you will find the musings of John.  Some of these were written almost a decade ago now but they remain relevant today.  We welcome your feedback.

Our work has gone to the dogs ……

By Belinda Mackay | 24/07/2018

We should clarify; our work has “been done with the dogs”.  Recently, dnature has taken the expertise that we have with DNA diagnostics and bee health, and teamed up with Rene Gloor and his dogs.  Rene has trained his dogs to sniff out American Foulbrood (AFB) in beehives. John, our technical director, as a member […]

Northern Farmer Bee article

By Belinda Mackay | 12/04/2018

We’ve recently published an article in the Northern Farmer magazine as well as releasing our new bee virus testing ad.  It’s important to have healthy hives over winter so that they come out “fighting fit” for the new honey season. We’re always happy to talk bees so do contact us if you have any questions […]

I have ‘what’ in my sample?

By John Mackay | 19/06/2017

Reagent contamination in PCR has long been documented – not only by operators but also from commercial sources long before those operators ever laid DNA-ridden hands on them. While contamination of some/many Taq polymerase enzymes with residual host E. coli DNA has had attention, little attention has been paid to the ubiquitous DNA extraction kits. […]

Killing that DNA

By John Mackay | 26/06/2016

You’ve done the hard work – you’ve got good quality RNA. You’ve seen ribosomal bands on a gel (or *cough* Fragment Analyzer). A good RQN/RIN (if that’s what you go by) and everything’s great. Now to get rid of the DNA Quick check (perform a PCR directly on appropriate amount of RNA) .. .and often […]