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Free PCR test on your beer

Thanks to COVID, we’re all familiar with PCR testing but did you know that PCR testing is as useful as telling you what yeasts and bacteria are in your beer as it is of telling you that you have COVID-19? 

An article that our Technical Manager wrote in the local The Pursuit of Hoppiness magazine explains all.
How to get that free test?

That’s easy – download the form and send your sample to us for a FREE test*. Results are within 24-48 hours of receiving the sample.

Why test?  Our website gives you information on what we test for; you’ll know why.  We’re not brewers but we do know how to detect the yeasts & bacteria, before they become a problem, and make your beer taste, well, not as great as it could be.
* valid one per customer until the end of June.  Write FREE under the PO number on the submission form with your sample please.A new test for diastatic yeast

We have also recently developed a test to see if you have diastatic yeast in your brew – and whether it is likely to cause issues.  Used correctly, this yeast can allow you to a create great Belgian-style dry beer but if it’s in your canned or bottled beer, it can change the taste of your beer or lead to over carbonation.  This American article, gives a good overview and like Midwest Microbio in this article, we can also set you up for doing your own qPCR testing. It’s what we do.
 And finally, 
John, our Technical Manager, has been connected to the craft beer industry for a long time. 

Back in the early 1990’s when he was studying to be a molecular biologist, at Otago University, one of his lecturer asked if he could help with a non-study project.  His son was into brewing, he’d made some beer but just needed some labels laid out. Sure, John said, he’d be happy to help. 

After they were printed George Emerson, took the labels to his son, who you may have guessed was Richard.  The London Porter was labelled and ready to go, having been taste tested by the Biochemistry Department in ’93, and given the thumbs up.  John still has an un-opened bottle with that original label. .  Any idea how it would drink??

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.