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specialising in PCR / real-time PCR and related areas. We offer a range of instruments, reagents and services to help you in the extraction, amplification and cloning of your DNA and RNA targets.

dnature also provides a range of DNA tests in our
molecular diagnostic laboratory - ranging from
wine spoilage to truffles and Liberibacter. We
also develop custom tests for other laboratories.


New Viaflo ASSIST

automating multichannel pipettes - serial dilutions, plate filling and more . . . 

Maximise your pipetting flexibility - standard PLUS automation when required



Viaflo ASSIST at Analytica 2014

Michael Beier shows the Viaflo ASSIST for automating multichannel pipettes, for routinely performed applications such as serial dilutions, plate filling and other reagent additions

Gisborne Herald, "Gene Hunter launches product"

Launch of ApiVirus bee tests - viruses and Nosema detection in bees

In NZ's Bee month, dnature diagnostics & research ltd are pleased to launch their ApiVirus™ Bee Health DNA tests. This is the first time that tests have been available to commercial bee keepers and producers of honey and honey products.   >> more

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Visiting the original PCR

A trip to the USA last year was a a chance to mix business with pleasure. Usually these are two separate entities but one that combined both occurred on a trip to the Smithsonian Institute (American History Museum) in Washington. read on

PCR turns 30

A revelation comes in different forms. "Eureka!" called Archimedes and ran through the street naked."Holy shit" said Kary Mullis in 1983 and pulled over to the side of the road he was driving on (although the word 'naked' does appear in the title of his autobiography). read on
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