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specialising in PCR / real-time PCR and related areas. We offer a range of instruments, reagents and services to help you in the extraction, amplification and cloning of your DNA and RNA targets.

dnature also provides a range of DNA tests in our
molecular diagnostic laboratory - ranging from
wine spoilage to truffles and Liberibacter. We
also develop custom tests for other laboratories.




new XLT cDNA supermix for maximum sensitivity cDNA synthesis

Still in the convenient 5X one tube format . . . but novel enyme, buffer and additives for superior performance


Company profile on DeNovix

Read about DeNovix and the new DS-11-FX - the first combined microvolume spectrophotometer and fluorometer . . .and still without a PC


New bee pathogen discovered in NZ (July 2015)

"Bee researcher applauds work of researchers" article here

Earlier article on the new parasite here

Viaflo ASSIST at Analytica 2014

Integra's Michael Beier shows the Viaflo ASSIST - for automating multichannel pipettes in routine operations such as serial dilutions, plate filling and other reagent additions

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killing that DNA

1. You've done the hard work - you've got good quality RNA. You've seen ribosomal bands on a gel (or *cough* Fragment Analyzer). A good RQN/RIN (if that's what you go by) and everything's great. read on

I have *what* in my sample?

Reagent contamination in PCR has long been documented - not only by operators but also from commercial sources long before those operators ever laid DNA-ridden hands on them. read on
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